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Elite Auto Auctions Export Process

Elite Auto Auctions

Elite Auto Auctions Export makes your automobile purchase simple by connecting you with export professionals authorized to purchase at Elite Auto Auctions auction locations.

These companies manage export logistics around the globe, so your vehicle can reach its intended destination-in a timely fashion, in good condition and with proper documentation.

Elite Auto Auctions export selects our recommended suppliers based on their reliability and professional reputations as established international companies. Services (based on location) include:

Transportation/Shipping - All transportation details on land or sea to get your vehicle from its purchase location to its final destination.

Customs Documentation - All customs papers documented and filed for you.

Marine Insurance - Marine insurance protects the purchase price of your vehicle during ocean transport.

Inspections - Ensures you receive the vehicle in the same condition it was purchased.

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 1: Premium Salvage Auto Purchased

Once payment is completed via cash, wire transfer or certified bank check we will immediately designate a Post-Sales representative to assist in the post-sale paperwork.

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 2: Post-Sale Paperwork

A Post-Sales representative will walk you through an easy to follow process to complete all necessary paperwork and complete the transaction (title, insurance, customs, and any other regulatory paperwork).

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 3: Transportation to U.S. Port

The vehicle is transported to a port of your choosing via our transport affiliates where it is handed to a specialized ocean freight processing center. An Export Specialist will assist you with all transport documents.

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 4: Shipping Container

Your Premium Salvaged Auto is secured and protected from damage when it is placed into a container for shipment.

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 5: Ocean Transport

The Export Specialist will ensure all documents are prepared for an easy transition into port of destination.

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 6: Secured Storage

Once your Premium Salvaged Auto is unloaded from the ocean freighter, it will be secured in a yard until customs is cleared.

Elite Auto Auctions
Step 7: Customer Pickup

Your package has finally reached its destination, it is ready to be picked up!

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